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The UK Creator Economy Statistics, Trends, and Analysis 2023

The creator economy is a global phenomenon, so examining the UK-specific creator economy is crucial for understanding this market’s unique dynamics, trends, and opportunities. Also, understanding the UK Creator Economy can help businesses, policymakers, and investors make informed decisions and develop strategies to support and foster the industry’s growth. This is an all-and-out analysis, so […]

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GMET shares: Q&A with CEO Oliver Friesen

Golden Metal Resources owns 100% of the largest undeveloped Tungsten deposit within the United States. And it’s still early days. Long-time readers here at Investing Strategy will know that I tend to cover high-risk, high-reward small cap shares, with a penchant for the exploratory mining and biotech sectors. Miners like Premier African Minerals, Power Metal […]

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UK Unemployment Rate Statistics 2023

Employees either lose their jobs or resign to a more suitable one every year. Therefore, the proportion of employed individuals to the unemployed changes each year. In fact, these changes account for the differences and fluctuations in the rate of unemployment that the world has witnessed and is witnessing till date. According to Statista, the […]