Why Are British Household Energy Bills So High?

The UK’s energy cost has risen by over 50% in the last few months. This is putting a strain on budgets, affecting around 22 million households. More people cannot pay their energy bills on time, and the rate is bound to increase. While the current situation is disturbing, the forecasts are even more alarming. Nearly … Continued

4 key reasons to avoid US-listed Chinese tech stocks

With US-listed Chinese tech stocks at bargain levels, the temptation to buy the dip should be tempered with the sizeable risks. With the likes of Alibaba, Jong Dong, and NIO, alongside dozens of other US-listed Chinese tech stocks freefalling through 2022, the recent spike is causing investors to reconsider their Chinese positions. However, there are … Continued

3 top Metaverse stocks to buy on the dip

Roblox, Meta Platforms, and Snap are three Metaverse stocks potentially worth capitalising on as fearful investors seek safety elsewhere. First coined by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 seminal work ‘Snow Crash,’ in which the protagonist could jump between reality and a ‘metaverse’ world of virtual avatars, the Metaverse of 2022 has the potential to … Continued

Investment Outlook: What is Left in 2022?

The last few months have been a tumultuous one for investors, with economic and geopolitical events affecting savings and investment. Investors all over the world have seen their portfolios suffer this year. The S&P 500 plunged more than 20%, and the FT-SE 100 index dropped by 3%. Besides, the world has experienced several changes, including … Continued

Where next for Lloyds shares after half-year results?

Lloyds’ share price has surged by 5% today after beating quarterly profit estimates and positively updating full-year guidance. Despite the broadly positive news, Lloyds’ (LON: LLOY) shares now stand at 45.39p, down 9% year-to-date, and roughly a third lower than pre-pandemic levels. However, a Reuters Refinitiv poll of top analysts yesterday came up with four … Continued

Where next for the FAANG stocks in 2022?

Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Netflix, and Google could all now be buying opportunities as the US earnings season begins amid investor flight to safety. First coined by ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer back in 2013, the 5 ‘FAANG’ companies are US tech stocks that are ‘totally dominant in their markets.’ And you don’t need to be … Continued

Has the S&P 500 overcorrected?

The S&P 500 is widely regarded as the benchmark bellwether for the wider US economy. And its future trajectory is far from certain. The S&P 500 hit an at-the-time record 3,378 points in mid-February 2020, before the pandemic-induced mini-crash saw it crater to 2,305 points in a little over a month. But encouraged by the … Continued

Why Tesla shares could still have much, much further to fall

Already down 39% year-to-date to $733, JP Morgan is predicting another substantial fall to $385. Tesla shares began 2022 at a record $1,200, with enthusiastic investors cheered by its near one million electric vehicle deliveries through 2021. However, after extreme volatility, Tesla stock had fallen to $628 by late May, before recovering to $733 today. … Continued

3 Stocks To Avoid This Week

The stock market is a fascinating and complex beast. The market has been choppy for the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t been keeping up on your news, you might be wondering why.  With government policy uncertain and the global economy in flux, it’s more important than ever to have a diversified portfolio and … Continued