As a beginner or advanced trader, you should never settle for anything less than the best trading app when it comes to mobile trading. Mobile trading apps cover most, if not all, of the features desktop-based apps offer. Traders can use charts and technical indicators on their mobile phones, together with expert advisors and other algorithmic trading solutions.

What Makes a Trading App Stand Out?

With all the trading features and automated trading advisors available these days, it can be challenging to make an informed choice. It takes time, research, and some dedication on the part of the trader. Here’s what you should consider when deciding whether a trading app suits your needs:

  • Financial planning tools. The best apps grant users access to an array of financial planning tools, ranging from simple calculators to elaborate advice on retirement and other investments.
  • A well-designed mobile experience. The best trading apps feature a well-designed trading interface focusing on functionality and the elimination of errors.
  • Seamless financial management. A trading app is more than an interface for trading stocks and commodities. It is a financial management terminal that may include features as advanced as self-driving money. Self-driving money handles transactions, putting your money where it should go. Some automated financial advisors feature self-driving features as well.
  • Seamless syncing with external accounts.
  • Attractive deals and discounts for larger balances.
  • Human financial advisors. As trendy as automated financial planning is, serious traders appreciate human interaction. The best trading apps let their users connect with human advisors.
  • Fractional share trading. Not all traders can afford to trade whole shares of the more expensive securities. Fractional shares give everyone access to the stocks they want to trade.
  • Easy-to-handle drawing tools and charts. Charting is thebread and butter of technical analysis-based trading. Easy-to-read charts and functional drawing tools are musts for every trading app worth its mettle.
  • Fluid synchronization between the mobile app and the desktop version. Many traders use their mobile and desktop trading apps interchangeably.They must be able to jump back and forth between platforms effortlessly.
  • Good trading functionality and an extensive selection of tradable markets.  Not everyone wants to trade gold, oil, or the EUR/USD currency pair. While these assets are popular, many traders find better opportunities in other markets.
  • Trader education. The best trading apps do not neglect their beginner users. They educate and train them through webinars, educational articles, and interactive guides.
  • Reliable and lightning-quick order execution.

The main advantage of a good trading app is accessibility. The challenge facing these apps is to achieve parity with desktop-based platforms. While there are still capability gaps between the two, these gaps are shrinking quickly.