is an informational website about financial investments. During the pandemic in 2020 reports started to come out about the increasing numbers of household savers venturing into the stock market and other financial markets. As inspiring as we think this is it also poses a problem. A lot of these new investors have lacking skills in reading the markets as well as the perhaps most important part of investing: asserting risk and managing a bankroll. As long as the market is in a strong upwards trend it is not that difficult to make money on stocks for example, however, sooner or later this will change and markets will become more volatile and complex. When that happens it is crucial to understand the mechanism of the market, what is happening and why. To this end we strive to give the tools to help understand the markets and how to manage the risk of financial investing.

We at have many years of experience in the financial sector and work with highly professional writers. Our main goal with this website is to educate the beginning investor and help to avoid the most common mistakes.

None of the written content on this website should be taken as financial advice to invest in a specific stock or asset. It is intended as learning material about the practice of financial investing.

We hope that you will find helpful in your journey into the financial markets whether you intend to invest in stocks, CFD trading, commodity trading or buy cryptocurrencies or any other of the many investing alternatives available.

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Meet our team

Charles Archer

Charles Archer

Charles Archer is an experienced financial writer specialising in monetary law. With a background in stock market and private equity analysis, he’s worked for many years as a freelance investment author, and has had articles published in a wide range of regional and national titles, both online and in print.

He holds a BA (Hons) degree in History and Politics, as well as a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Law, the UK’s largest legal training institution.

Charles believes the key to successful investing lies in quality research, and aims to offer a unique viewpoint that investors cannot find elsewhere.

James West

James West has more than 15 years of experience writing about finance and particularly cryptocurrencies, covering emerging tech, trading and industry trends.

Aremu Adebisi

Aremu Adams Adebisi graduated from college with a B.Sc in Economics. He’s pursuing his MBA while covering trending topics in trading, investment, and cryptocurrency. He’s fascinated by the surges of fintech in an era of decentralized finance (DeFi). Aremu has written for several agencies and companies, including AutoInsurance, TabTrader, Meetkai, and Hyperproof. He profiles startups on Medium and serves as a contributor to Hashnode and Hackernoon. As a recipient of the Langston Hughes Fellowship, Aremu divides his time between the humanities and social sciences.