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Barclay’s is an international banking giant based in London, UK. The roots of the company reach back to 1690 when it saw the light of day as a goldsmith banking business. In 1736, James Barclay became a partner in the bank, lending it his name.

Nowadays, it is a giant the Financial Stability Board has designated a systemically important bank. Barclay’s primary listing is on the London Stock Exchange and its secondary one on the New York Stock Exchange.

The banking giant is a constituent of the FTS 100 Index. Investors can theoretically gain exposure to it by investing in the FTSE 100.


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  • Fast withdrawal
  • FCA, ASIC, CySEC Regulated
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Like many of its peers, Barclay’s has seen its fair share of controversy over the years. It allegedly helped various shady entities launder their ill-gotten gains. It helped the Nazis seize Jewish assets during World War II. It avoided taxes and raised funds illegally in Qatar. It may have taken part in the manipulation of the US electricity market and the price of gold.

How to Buy Barclay’s Stock

Your first step is to decide how much to invest and whether you are comfortable taking on the risks associated with investing in Barclay’s stock.

Once you set your investment variables, it is time to open an investment account. Barclay’s offers several account options for its current and potential investors. An ISA (individual savings account) is a reasonable choice for many investors.

Nominee Held Shares

Online investing relies on shares that “nominees” hold for investors. An investment service holds the shares digitally for investors, but they still own whatever they have purchased.

Opening an investment account is a fairly straightforward operation, although you should be aware that the process requires you to provide potentially sensitive personal information to your investment service.

You must provide your name, address, and additional information such as your National insurance number, copies of your ID, etc. No broker allows you to invest unless you pass an identity check.

Nowadays, investment services allow their users to turn their paper share certificates into digitally held ones.

Your Investment Service

Your investment service provider lets you select and buy the shares you want. It can also give you recommendations on how, what, and when to trade to maximize the profitability of your portfolio. If you have your mind set on acquiring a set number of Barclay’s shares, you don’t need any of the research resources of your broker.

Pulling the Trigger

When you are ready, you can place a deal by calling your broker on the phone or online. Before you buy your Barclay’s share, ensure that you have enough funds deposited in your account to cover the price of the shares you want to buy, and the dealing charges.

If you buy during market hours, Barclay’s can quote you an exact price, so you know how much you’ll spend. The price quote you get is valid for 15 seconds. If you fail to confirm the deal during that time frame, your broker gives you another quote.

If the broker can’t give you a quote, you can launch an order that allows it to quote you the best possible price as soon as possible.

If you are a long-term investor, it makes sense to hold your Barclay’s shares in an ISA.

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