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Not only are there too many stock trading apps out there to choose from, but they also come with a multitude of features. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the features. Whether you’re about to choose your stock trading app or you’ve just picked an app and you’re about to start trading you need to understand the long list of features. In this article, we will give you a long list of available features and a brief overview of each to make your life easier. This is the long list of features, found in stock trading apps, that we will go through in this article:

  • Account & User Management (registration, verification, authentication and customization)
  • User Interface & Experience
  • Market Overview Functions (Real-time and historical data, Market Indices)
  • Technical Analysis Tools (Indicators, Charting, Forecasting, Momentum)
  • Trading Functionalities (Buy/Sell, Stop-Loss, Margin Trading)
  • Portfolio Management (Stock overview, Performance, Diversification)
  • Educational Resources (Tutorials, Webinars, Glossary)
  • News & Updates
  • Social Trading & Community Features
  • Notifications & Alerts (Price, News, App Updates)
  • Integration with other platforms (Desktop, Integration, API access)
  • Customer Support (Live chat, FAQ, Complaints)
  • Security & Privacy (Encryption, User data)
  • Payment & Withdrawal Options
  • Customizability & Advanced Features (personalization, algorithmic trading)
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Reviews & Rating (user & expert reviews, app ratings)

But first, why does it matter for you as a trader to understand these features?

Why Features Matter in Stock Trading Apps

So, why should you care about your stock trading app’s features? Well, let’s look at a few reasons:

  • Enhancing User Experience: Think of this as the comfort of your favorite chair. The right features, that will be tailored to your needs, will make the app much more easy to use. It becomes intuitive, almost second nature. And that’s what you want, right? An app that feels like it was made just for you.
  • Making Informed Trading Decisions: Here’s where the magic happens. Nice features like real-time price tracking, predictive analytics, and historical data allow you to make decisions based on solid information, no more shooting in the dark. With the right features, you’re able to look at the data, make your analysis, and then make trades that make sense.
  • Staying Updated with Market Trends: The stock market is ever-changing. It often moves up and down by the minute. But with features like real-time news integration and market trend analysis, you’re never out of the loop. You’ll always have some information on what’s happening, and this is obviously essential to be successful in trading.
eToro Stock Trading App
eToro Stock Trading App

Account & User Management

When you’re diving into the world of stock trading, the first step is often setting up your account. It’s like building the foundation of a house; it needs to be strong and secure. Let’s look a bit closer on this foundation:

User Registration & Verification Processes

When you’re starting up with any app, you will need to create an account. But it’s not just about picking a username and password. Here’s a breakdown:

Sign UpInput your basic details: name, email, and preferred username.
VerificationMost apps will send you an email or SMS. Just click the link or input the code to verify it’s really you.
Personal DetailsAdd more details like your address and phone number. This often helps in improving your security.

Multi-factor Authentication for Security Purposes

You’re dealing with your money so security is paramount. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is like having a double-lock system. Even if someone guesses your password, they won’t get in without the second key. Here’s how it usually works:

MethodHow It Works
SMS CodeReceive a code on your phone every time you log in.
Authenticator AppUse apps like Google Authenticator to generate a code.
BiometricsUse your fingerprint or facial recognition for added security.

Profile Customization and Management

Your profile is the identity you use when trading. In your profile, you can often add a picture, set your preferences, and manage your personal details. Think of it as your personal trading dashboard, that you should tailor just for you.

User Interface & Experience

Once you’ve set up your account, it’s all about the experience. Let’s look more closely into what makes an app user-friendly:

Clean and Intuitive Design

An app’s design can make or break your trading experience. Here’s what you should look out for:

FeatureWhy It Matters
Clutter-free LayoutToo much information can be overwhelming. A clean layout helps you focus on what’s important.
Intuitive NavigationYou should be able to find features easily, without hunting around.
Responsive DesignWhether you’re on a phone, tablet, or computer, the app should look and work perfectly.

Dark Mode and Accessibility Features

For those late-night trading sessions or simply because you prefer a darker aesthetic, dark mode is much appreciated by many traders. But, accessibility is also important. Features like larger text and voice commands can make trading accessible to everyone.

Language and Regional Settings

The world of trading is well spread out over our Globe. An app that caters to your language and region can make all the difference. Whether it’s displaying prices in your currency or offering customer support in your language, these features ensure the app feels tailor-made for you.

Plus500 Economic Calendar in their app
Plus500 Economic Calendar in their app

Market Overview Functions

Diving into the stock market without a clear overview is a bit like sailing without a compass. You need a clear view of what’s happening in the market to make informed decisions. Let’s explore the tools that give you this bird’s-eye view:

Real-time Stock Price Tracking

In the fast-paced world of stocks, every second counts. Real-time tracking is essential for you to have the required knowledge. Imagine this: while others wait for updates, you’re already making moves based on live data.

Live TickersInstantly see price changes as they happen.
Price AlertsGet notified when a stock hits your target price.
Streaming DataA continuous flow of data, makes sure you never miss a beat.

Historical Data Visualization

History often holds the answers. By analyzing past trends, you often have much better chances of predicting future movements. Here’s how it helps:

Data TypeUsage
Price ChartsSee how a stock has performed over days, months, or years.
Volume GraphsUnderstand the correlation between stock price and trading volume.
Event MarkersHighlight key events that impacted stock prices, like earnings reports.

Market Indices and Their Significance

Indices give you a snapshot of how the market is trading. Whether it’s the FTSE 100 or the AIM, understanding these can be your guiding star.

IndexWhat It Represents
FTSE 100Top 100 companies in the UK by market capitalization.
AIMThe UK’s international market for smaller, growing companies.

Sector-wise Market Performance

Not all sectors perform equally. While tech might be booming, retail could be lagging. Knowing about the performance in different sectors will help you to diversify your portfolio and thus manage risk.

SectorWhy Monitor It
TechnologyRapid innovations can lead to high returns.
EnergyInfluenced by global politics and environmental policies.
HealthcareOften stable, but can surge with medical breakthroughs.

Technical Analysis Tools

Technical analysis is one of the bases of trading. It’s the science behind trading, that can help you to decode market patterns and thus make future predictions. Let’s look closer at technical analysis tools:

Technical Indicators

These are the tools that can help you to understand the financial market’s pulse. There are different indicators, e.g. moving averages and RSI, and each indicator offers unique insights.

IndicatorWhat It Measures
Moving AverageAverage stock price over a specific period. Helps spot trends.
RSI (Relative Strength Index)Measures stock’s speed and change of price movements.

Read our extensive guide on technical indicators in stock trading apps here.

Chart Patterns and Their Interpretations

Patterns usually repeat in the stock market. Understanding these patterns can be your key to predicting future movements.

PatternWhat It Signifies
Head and ShouldersA reversal pattern that can signal a stock is about to change direction.
Double TopIndicates a reversal after a strong upward trend.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting Tools

These tools take data and turn it into future predictions. It’s like having a crystal ball, but backed by data. Sounds good, right? Make sure your stock trading app offers them!

Regression AnalysisPredicts the relationship between variables.
Time Series ForecastingPredicts future stock prices based on past data.

Importance of Volume and Price Momentum

Volume and momentum go hand in hand. High volume can indicate strong momentum, either upward or downward.

AspectWhy It’s Crucial
VolumeIndicates interest in a stock. High volume can mean a big price move is coming.
MomentumShows the strength of a stock’s movement. Helps traders decide entry and exit points.
Plus500 Stock Trading App
Plus500 Stock Trading App

Trading Functionalities

Trading isn’t just about buying low and selling high. It’s a delicate ballet, with every step thoughtfully planned. Your stock trading app’s capabilities are instrumental in this ballet, ensuring you never miss a step. Let’s look into the core trading functionalities:

Buy/Sell Options

The core of trading is the simple act of buying and selling. But with the right tools, even this basic function can be optimized for maximum profit.

OptionHow It Elevates Your Trading
Market OrderBuy or sell instantly at the current market price. Perfect for those “I need it now” moments.
Limit OrderSet a specific price at which you want to buy or sell. It’s like setting a trap and waiting for the market to walk into it.

Stop-loss and Take-profit Settings

You can see these as your safety nets. They will help you to minimize your losses and maximize your profits.

SettingWhy It’s a Game-Changer
Stop-lossAutomatically sells a stock if its price drops to a certain level. It’s like having a guardian angel watching over your investments.
Take-profitSells a stock once it reaches your desired profit level. Because sometimes, it’s okay to cash in and celebrate.

Margin Trading and Leverage Options

Want to increase your trading power? Of course you do, let’s look at margin trading and leverage.

FeatureSupercharge Your Trades By…
Margin TradingBorrowing money to buy more stocks than you can afford. It’s like using a slingshot to amplify your reach.
LeverageIncreasing your exposure to the market without increasing your capital. Imagine turning up the volume on your trades.

Portfolio Management

Your portfolio will be the product of all your trades, both wins and losses. Managing the portfolio effectively is imperative for your success in trading. Let’s explore:

Viewing and Managing Owned Stocks

Your stocks are your assets and keeping a close eye on them is extremely important.

FunctionalityStay in the Driver’s Seat by…
Stock OverviewGetting a snapshot of all your holdings in one place. It’s like looking at a map of your trading world.
Individual Stock AnalysisDiving deep into each stock’s performance. Understand its past to increase your chances of predicting its future.

Performance Analytics

Numbers don’t lie. Analyzing your portfolio’s performance helps you understand what’s working and what’s not.

AnalyticSharpen Your Strategy by…
ROI (Return on Investment)Measuring the profit or loss made on your investments relative to the amount spent.
Growth Over TimeTracking how your portfolio’s value has changed over days, months, or years.

Diversification Tools

You probably have heard that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your portfolio will make sure that even if one stock underperforms, others can pick up the slack.

ToolSpread Your Risks by…
Sector AllocationInvesting in stocks from different sectors. If tech is down, maybe healthcare is up.
Geographic DiversificationSpreading investments across different regions. Because while one market might slump, another might soar.
Plus500 Popular Instruments
Plus500 Popular Instruments

Educational Resources

At first, stock trading can feel overwhelming and really difficult with all the alternatives to buy and all the information at hand. But fear not! With the right educational resources, you can transform from a novice to a seasoned trader. Let’s explore the tools that can ease your learning process:

Tutorials for Beginners

Remember your first day at school? Stock trading has its own learning curve, and tutorials are your first step.

ResourceKickstart Your Journey by…
Step-by-step GuidesUnderstanding the basics of trading, from market orders to portfolio management.
Interactive DemosPracticing trades in a risk-free environment is crucial. Treat it like a sandbox where you can play around and make sure to learn from your demo trades.

Webinars and Expert Sessions

Learning from the best can give you a head start in your trading journey.

Session TypeElevate Your Knowledge by…
Live WebinarsEngaging with experts in real-time, asking questions, and getting instant feedback.
Recorded SessionsRevisiting expert advice at your own pace, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

Glossary of Trading Terms

The stock market has its own language. And to succeed, you need to speak it fluently.

TermDecode the Market by…
Bull & BearUnderstanding market trends. Is the market optimistic (bull) or pessimistic (bear)?
DividendsGrasping the profits shared by companies with their shareholders.

News & Updates

In the ever-evolving stock trading market, staying updated is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. The latest news can influence market trends, and being in the know can be the difference between profit and loss. Let’s look closer at the tools that keep you informed:

Real-time News Integration

The stock market waits for no one. If you have access to real-time news you know that you’re always up to date regarding information. This is a must-have in your stock trading app.

FeatureStay Ahead of the Curve by…
Live News FeedsGetting instant updates on market-moving events.
Customizable AlertsTailoring news alerts to your interests, ensuring you only get what matters to you.

Market Trend Analysis

To understand in which direction the market is most probably heading can greatly help you to make more successful trades.

Analysis TypeNavigate the Market by…
Historical TrendsStudying past market movements to predict future trends.
Predictive AnalysisUsing data-driven tools to forecast market directions.

Expert Opinions and Editorials

Sometimes, raw data isn’t enough for you. Expert insights can give you an even deeper understanding of market trends.

Opinion TypeDeepen Your Understanding by…
Expert ColumnsGaining insights from seasoned traders and market analysts.
Editorial ReviewsUnderstanding the bigger picture, from market policies to global events affecting trading.

Social Trading & Community Features

Due to technological development, trading isn’t just a solitary endeavor anymore. Social trading features allow you to get hold of the wisdom of seasoned traders and/or like-minded traders. Let’s look a bit closer at the possibilities given by social trading:

Following Top Traders

Think about the possibility of peeking into the strategies of successful traders. That is now possible.

FeatureBoost Your Strategy by…
Trader ProfilesExploring the portfolios and strategies of top traders.
Performance MetricsGauging the success rate and consistency of seasoned traders.

Community Discussions and Forums

A problem shared is a problem halved. In community forums you can get advice, participate in discussions, and share experiences with other traders.

Forum TypeExpand Your Horizons by…
Discussion ThreadsEngaging in lively debates about market trends and strategies.
Q&A SectionsSeeking advice and sharing your own expertise with fellow traders.

Copy Trading Options

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the best?

OptionTrade Smartly by…
Auto-copyAutomatically replicating the trades of successful traders.
Customizable LimitsSetting your own limits while leveraging the strategies of top traders.

Notifications & Alerts

In the fast-paced world of stock trading, timing is everything. Notifications and alerts will help you to be informed and ready to act at the right point in time.

Price Alerts

The market is always on the move. Price alerts are a helpful feature to keep up with the movements in the market.

Alert TypeStay on Top of Your Game by…
Threshold AlertsGetting notified when a stock hits a specific price point.
Percentage ChangeReceiving alerts when a stock’s price changes by a set percentage.

Market News Notifications

Knowledge is power. Put on market news notifications to keep updated with the latest market news.

NotificationMake Informed Decisions by…
Breaking NewsReceiving instant updates on major market-moving events.
Daily RoundupsStarting or ending your day with a summary of key market events.

App Updates and New Feature Rollouts

Your stock trading app is always evolving and it is often a good idea to update it regularly to get the advantages of app updates.

Update TypeEnhance Your Trading Experience by…
Feature AdditionsExploring new tools and functionalities as they roll out.
Bug FixesEnsuring your app runs smoothly with regular updates.

Integration with Other Platforms

Your stock trading app should play well with other platforms, offering you a seamless experience when changing between platforms.

Syncing with Desktop Platforms

Trade on the go or from the comfort of your desk. Seamless syncing will make sure that you’re always in control.

FeatureTrade Your Way by…
Real-time SyncPicking up where you left off, whether on mobile or desktop.
Cross-platform ToolsUsing the same tools and features across devices.

Integration with Banking Apps

Your finances, all in one place.

IntegrationSimplify Your Finances by…
One-click TransfersTransferring funds between your bank and trading account with ease.
Financial OverviewsViewing your overall financial health, from bank balances to stock portfolios.

API Access for Third-party Tools

Did you know that you can customize your trading experience by integrating third-party tools? Research what tools are available and make use of them.

API FeatureElevate Your Trading by…
Data AccessPulling in data from other tools and platforms.
Custom ToolsIntegrating specialized tools tailored to your trading style.

Customer Support

Having a reliable support system is invaluable when trading stocks. Whether you’re facing technical glitches or seeking guidance, customer support ensures you’re never left in the lurch. Let’s look closer at the support features that truly make a difference:

Live Chat Options

Immediate assistance, just a click away.

FeatureNavigate Challenges by…
Instant ResponsesGetting real-time solutions to your queries.
24/7 AvailabilityKnowing support is always there, no matter the hour.

FAQ and Troubleshooting Guides

Empower yourself with knowledge.

ResourceSelf-help Your Way Through by…
Detailed FAQsFinding answers to commonly asked questions.
Step-by-step GuidesResolving common issues without waiting for support.

Feedback and Complaint Mechanisms

Your voice matters, use it when needed.

MechanismShape Your Trading Experience by…
Feedback FormsSharing your insights to improve the platform.
Dedicated Complaint ChannelsEnsuring your concerns are heard and addressed promptly.

Security & Privacy

Security isn’t just a feature; it’s a necessity when your money is at stake. Protecting your investments means both safeguarding your data and funds as well as ensuring your privacy. Let’s look at some ways of safeguarding your trading experience:

Data Encryption Methods

Your data, locked away from prying eyes.

MethodTrade with Peace of Mind by…
SSL EncryptionEnsuring data transmitted between you and the platform is secure.
End-to-end EncryptionMaking sure only you and the intended recipient can access the data.

Regular Security Audits

Constant vigilance for a safer trading environment.

Audit TypeStay Protected by…
Internal AuditsRegular checks by the platform’s security team.
External AuditsIndependent assessments to ensure no vulnerabilities are overlooked.

User Data Privacy Policies

Your data, your rules.

PolicyMaintain Control by…
Transparent UsageKnowing exactly how your data is used.
Opt-out OptionsChoosing what data you share and with whom.

Payment & Withdrawal Options

Whether you’re funding your account or cashing out your profits, seamless transactions can make all the difference. Let’s look at the payment features that stock trading apps should offer you:

Supported Payment Methods

Diverse options for every trader.

MethodTrade Your Way by…
Bank TransfersDirectly moving funds between your bank and trading account.
Credit/Debit CardsQuick and convenient payments at your fingertips.
E-walletsUsing digital wallets like PayPal or Skrill for faster transactions.

Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

Your money, when you want it.

FeatureAccess Your Funds by…
Flexible LimitsChoosing how much you wish to withdraw, from small amounts to large sums.
Quick ProcessingGetting your funds swiftly, without unnecessary delays.

Transaction Fee Structures

No hidden surprises.

Fee TypeTrade Smartly by…
Fixed FeesKnowing the exact cost of each transaction.
Percentage-based FeesPaying fees based on the transaction amount, ensuring fairness.

Customizability & Advanced Features

Every trader has unique needs and so have you. Customizability and advanced features will allow you to tailor your trading experience to your specific needs. Let’s look at the tools that put you in the driver’s seat:

Personalized Watchlists

Your interests, front and center.

FeatureStay Focused by…
Custom ListsTracking stocks that matter most to you.
Real-time UpdatesReceiving instant notifications on your watchlist items.

Advanced Charting Tools

More visual insights for even more informed decisions.

ToolAnalyze Trends by…
Candlestick ChartsUnderstanding price movements in detail.
Comparative AnalysisComparing multiple stocks or indices on a single chart.

Learn more about charting tools in stock trading apps here.

Algorithmic Trading Options

Automation for precision and efficiency.

OptionTrade Smartly by…
Custom AlgorithmsDesigning trading strategies tailored to your goals.
BacktestingTesting your algorithms against historical data before going live.

Regulations & Compliance

Maybe we should have covered this earlier in the article. That your stock trading app adheres to financial regulations make sure that it is credible and reliable. Here you will see our recommendation on the best and correctly regulated stock trading app in the UK. Let’s learn some more about the world of compliance:

Adherence to UK Trading Regulations

Safety first, your app should be regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

RegulationTrade Confidently by…
FCA GuidelinesKnowing your platform adheres to the Financial Conduct Authority’s standards.
MiFID IIUnderstanding how the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive impacts your trades.

Licensing and Certifications

Proof of credibility.

LicenseEnsure Trustworthiness by…
Broker LicensesVerifying the platform’s authorization to operate in the UK.
International CertificationsChecking for global standards and recognitions.

Regular Compliance Checks

Continuous adherence for sustained trust.

CheckStay Protected by…
Internal AuditsRegular self-assessments by the platform.
External ReviewsThird-party evaluations to ensure unbiased compliance.

Reviews & Ratings

Word of mouth in the digital age. Reviews and ratings offer valuable insights from fellow traders and experts, these can give you valuable insights.

User Reviews and Feedback

Real experiences that can give you real insights.

Review TypeChoose Wisely by…
User TestimonialsLearning from the experiences of fellow traders.
Feedback MechanismsUnderstanding areas of improvement based on user suggestions.

Expert Reviews and App Comparisons

Professional insights for an edge.

ReviewStay Ahead by…
Expert AnalysesDiving deep into detailed app evaluations by industry professionals.
Comparative StudiesWeighing pros and cons by comparing multiple apps side by side.

App Ratings on Various Platforms

A quick gauge of app quality.

PlatformMake Quick Decisions by…
App StoreChecking overall ratings and recent reviews.
Google PlayGauging user satisfaction based on star ratings and feedback.

Additional Features

Beyond the basics, stock trading apps often offer additional features that can enhance your trading experience.

Mobile App vs. Desktop Features

Trade your way, anytime, anywhere.

PlatformMaximize Flexibility by…
Mobile AppTrading on the go with a streamlined interface.
Desktop PlatformDiving deep with comprehensive tools and larger screen real estate.

Offline Mode Functionalities

To be able to stay connected, even without the internet could often be a useful feature.

FunctionalityTrade Uninterrupted by…
Data SyncResuming where you left off once back online.
Local TradesMaking decisions offline, with execution once reconnected.

Cloud Backup and Data Recovery

To keep your data safe, this should be offered by your stock trading app.

FeatureTrade Worry-Free by…
Automatic BackupsEnsuring your data is always saved in real-time.
Recovery OptionsRetrieving lost data with ease.


There you have it, a long list of features that you will look for when choosing a stock trading app and that you need to master when you’ve chosen the app. The right tools can make all the difference by helping you to make informed decisions when stock trading.