5 best lithium stocks from around the world to watch in 2022

Tesla, Savannah Resources, Lake Resources, Albemarle, and Ganfeng Lithium are the five top lithium stocks to watch in the second half of 2022. Lithium stocks could become the oil stocks of the 21st century, with the silvery metal the preferred power source of the ongoing EV revolution. And while most metals have begun falling from … Continued

Are NASDAQ 100 growth stocks oversold?

The NASDAQ 100 is up 3% today as investors consider whether the tech-heavy US index is primed to take off. The NASDAQ 100 index was a key beneficiary of the covid-19 pandemic. After falling from 9,624 points in mid-February 2020 to 6,994 points by 20 March 2020, the US index recovered in a matter of … Continued

Investment Opportunities in the Payments Industry

The global payments industry is one of the fastest evolving industries. Its swift evolution creates many investment opportunities as the players race to innovate, merge, and acquire competitors. The global pandemic has accelerated the shift away from cash, turning the trend into a global one. Even consumers in emerging economies feel the effects of this … Continued

New to the stock market? Here’s what you need to know

Investing Team

The stock market has been on a downturn since the beginning of 2022. This means that a lot of companies has become much cheaper to invest in, however, there is still reason to believe that the stock market will dip lower. Is it time to invest now or wait? Stock market volatility Last year saw … Continued

Self-driving Money and the Concept of Autonomous Finance

What if you could tell something or someone to invest all the money left over from your income after your day-to-day expenses into something with the best possible return? And never have to worry about what to transfer where? That would be the reality of autonomous finance. Your money would be self-driving. That is the … Continued