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  • 4 key reasons to avoid US-listed Chinese tech stocks
    With US-listed Chinese tech stocks at bargain levels, the temptation to buy the dip should be tempered with the sizeable risks. With the likes of Alibaba, Jong Dong, and NIO, alongside dozens of other US-listed Chinese tech stocks freefalling through 2022, the recent spike is causing investors to reconsider their Chinese positions. However, there are … Continued
  • 3 top Metaverse stocks to buy on the dip
    Roblox, Meta Platforms, and Snap are three Metaverse stocks potentially worth capitalising on as fearful investors seek safety elsewhere. First coined by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 seminal work ‘Snow Crash,’ in which the protagonist could jump between reality and a ‘metaverse’ world of virtual avatars, the Metaverse of 2022 has the potential to … Continued

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