The price of gold increases rapidly when investors seek safe assets. Leaving uncertainty behind is a trend that quickly sweeps across both Europe and Wall Street, and gold is a safe bet to hold in hand.

Gold, an asset that feels safe

At least that’s how many investors feel right now, who this week have bought up gold reserves, where the price of gold reached the highest price ever on Monday.

Gold – a safe source. On Thursday morning, the price per ounce is around $1,921 and is on the rise. At present, it does not seem that investors will be looking less towards gold in the future, as the situation in the banking world, with Credit Suisse as the latest example, looks anything but bright, according to Kitco.

The banking crisis has also put the stock markets in turmoil, including on Wall Street and also in Asia.

Will the Fed raise interest rates or not – that is the question

The big question now is what will happen next week at the Fed’s interest rate meeting. Will the central bank raise interest rates or take a break to wait out the volatile situation?

According to FedWatch, it looks extremely even at the moment as to whether Jerome Powell will proceed as usual or not. The probability that the Fed will not raise interest rates is 50.5 percent, and the probability that it will instead raise them by 25 points is 49.5 percent.

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