If you are interested in buying Apple shares (AAPL), and you have the money for it, you can achieve your goal in a few simple steps.


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Determine the Financial Health of the Company and the Viability of Your Investment

Apple is a well-known mega-corporation, and its stock is the definition of a blue-chip stock. That said, you still want to look into financial information and the performance of the company. You can find relevant information in this regard on Apple’s investor relations site or at the SEC.

It never hurts to consider some expert analysis. It can help you gain a better understanding of the potential of your investment.

Set Your Investment Goals

High-risk investments tend to offer more substantial rewards than low-risk ventures. You know what you want to accomplish financially through your investment. Make sure you understand whether an investment in AAPL can help you achieve your goals.

What you should know about Apple stock:

  • Apple stated that its share price tends to be highly volatile.
  • External factors often have a high impact on the share price.
  • Apple stock suits investors with moderate and high-risk appetites.
  • AAPL favors investors who can weather price fluctuations and hold the stock for the long term.
  • The fundamentals of the stock are solid, supporting the long-term approach.

Find a Broker

Retail investors need the services of brokers to buy and sell stock. Choose a reputable online broker. Brokers charge fees and offer various services and options for investments. Choose your broker based on its reputation and these variables.

Determine the Size of Your Investment

How much money you can invest determines your investment goals. To set the ideal amount of your investment based on your financial means, ask yourself a few questions.

  • How much money can you afford to invest? Your income minus the living expenses determines how much you can save and invest every month. Set up an emergency fund before thinking about investing. Also, fund your retirement account before buying Apple stock.
  • How much AAPL stock can you buy? Given the share price, you may not want to buy an entire share in one go. You can settle for a fractional share and gradually build up your position.
  • How do you approach investing? Buying many AAPL shares at once is riskier than spacing out your investments over time.
  • Does AAPL fit your existing portfolio? Apple is a large market cap tech stock. If you already have several such stocks in your portfolio, AAPL may not be a good fit.

Periodically Evaluate the Performance of Your Investment

You need your stock investments to generate wealth over time. They can’t do that if they don’t perform well. Look at the annualized percent returns to determine how well they’re doing. Compare your performance to benchmarks like the S&P500. Tweak your portfolio if it does not yield reasonable returns.